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  • Penguin Random House Children's Books
  • Penguin Random House Children's Books
  • Penguin Random House Children's Books
  • Penguin Random House Children's Books
  • Penguin Random House Children's Books

Children's Books

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Children's Books

In a Jar / By Deborah Marcero

Here’s a marvelous picture book, charmingly written and beautifully illustrated, about the power of memory and the magic of friendship.

Llewellyn, a little rabbit, is a collector. He gathers things in jars–ordinary things like buttercups, feathers, and heart-shaped stones. Then he meets another rabbit, Evelyn, and together they begin to collect extraordinary things–like rainbows, the sound of the ocean, and the wind just before snow falls. And, best of all, when they hold the jars and peer inside, they remember all the wonderful things they’ve seen and done. But one day, Evelyn has sad news: Her family is moving away. How can the two friends continue their magical collection–and their special friendship–from afar?

Out of a Jar / By Deborah Marcero

This highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed and bestselling picture book In a Jar stars one little bunny dealing with some very big feelings.

Llewellyn does not like to feel afraid or sad, angry, lonely, or embarrassed. And so he comes up with a brilliant plan: he tucks each of his feelings into jars and hides them away where they won’t bother him anymore. But when he gets in trouble in class, Llewellyn finds he needs to put away excitement too. And when joy is quickly followed by disappointment, he decides to get rid of joy as well. After a while, Llewellyn walks around not feeling much of anything at all. And what happens when his emotions refuse to be bottled up any longer?

In this richly illustrated and universally relatable picture book, Llewellyn soon discovers that life is more colorful when he sets his emotions free. And only then, by facing and embracing each of his feelings, is he finally able to let them go.

Bear and Bird: Learn to Share / By Jonny Lambert

Journey through the forest with Huxley and Bluebird, and introduce your toddlers to the idea of friendship and sharing with others.

Meet Huxley, the lovable and rather hungry bear. It is beginning to snow, which means it is almost time to hibernate. So Huxley, Bluebird, and their friends must set out to collect food to get them through the Winter. But Huxley is really hungry, and wants all the food to himself. Is there enough food for everyone?

Bear and Bird: Make Friends / By Jonny Lambert

A delightful picture book for little ones, that follows Bear and Bird and shows children that school is nothing to be scared of.

Meet Bear and his best friend Bird, as they face their first day at school. They can be shy when meeting new people and are worried that they won’t fit in. Will their classmates like them? Is school really as scary as it seems? Join Bear and Bird on their next adventure as they brave their first day of school and try their hardest to make friends.

Bear and Bird: Lend a Helping Hand / By Jonny Lambert

Join Bear and Bird on an inspiring journey to discover the true meaning of friendship.

Bear and Bird have discovered a beautiful blooming flower, and are excited to plant it and watch it grow! With the love and support of their forest friends, Bear and Bird are able to work as a team and plant their lovely flower, and learn a trick or two about nature along the way!

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