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  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles
  • Home County Co. British Soy Candles

British Soy Candles

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British Soy Candles

Rekindle the memory with heartfelt, natural soy wax candles, featuring luxury fragrance oils and wooden crackle wicks. Each candle is hand-poured in the UK in small batches to ensure perfect scent distribution for a clean and even burn. Perfect for those looking for eco friendly candles or vegan candles, each scented candle (we think!) perfectly represents the UK destination it is named after, making the perfect thoughtful gift or nostalgic treat.

Details: 220g/7.4oz | 45 hour burn time | 100% natural, bio-degradable soy wax candle | Vegan friendly candle | Wooden crackle wick candle | Hand-poured in the UK

Dimensions: Boxed candle: 95x85x85mm | Candle glass: 93x81mm

The Bedfordshire - Honey & Nectar Fruits
Since 1880 the Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association has been keeping Bedfordshire's countryside buzzing with brilliant bumblebees, and so we honour them with this sweet candle. Picture lazy afternoons picnicking in an English country garden - sweet, woody and floral fragrances mingling in the air, just the distant buzz of a bumblebee for company with this sweet honey candle.
- Top Notes: Honey, Tobacco, Citrus
- Heart Notes: Sandalwood
- Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli

The Essex - Prosecco & Pomelo Candle
A beautiful county of huge variety, the county of glamour is certainly one to celebrate with a glass of bubbly (or this Prosecco scented candle!). Picture warm evening drinks with friends - the air sweet with the scents of citrus fruits and the sound of corks popping with this prosecco candle.
- Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange, Pomelo, Rum
- Heart Notes: Rhubarb, Nectarine, Watermelon, Prune, Jasmine
- Base Notes: Musk

The Surrey - English Lavender & Chamomile
An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the stunning Surrey Hills cover over a quarter of England's most densely wooded county, home to beautiful bridleways, wild woodlands and great golf courses. Bring the scents of the Surrey Hills home with this calming lavender candle. Picture weekend walks amongst the wild landscape of the Surrey Hills - pockets of fragrant lavender and calming chamomile popping up amid the shrubbery with this calming lavender candle. 
- Top Notes: Coconut, Peach
- Heart Notes: Lavender, Lilac, Chamomile
- Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla

The Somerset - Apple & Fresh Fig
Since it was introduced to Britain by the Romans in the 11th century, Somerset has remained one of the country's largest producers of delicious apple cider, and is still home to some of the summer's most coveted cider festivals. Celebrate Somerset cider with this apple scented candle. Picture blissful afternoons exploring Somerset cider apple orchards - scents of fresh fruits and fallen leaves filling the warm air with this fig scented candle.
- Top Notes: Green Apple, Fig
- Heart Notes: Sage, Rosemary
- Base Notes: Moss, Amber

The Highlands - Heather & Gorse
The Scotland of your imagination, the Scottish Highlands is home to everything you could picture Scotland to be, most notably the dramatic landscapes dotted with ancient ruins and carpeted with wild heather and gorse, perfectly captured by this earthy, outdoorsy candle. Picture taking in the sights of Scotland's stunning countryside from a hilltop hideaway - a glorious green carpet as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by pockets of wild heather, gorse and the turrets of ancient castles with this Scottish inspired candle.
- Top Notes: Scottish Heather
- Heart Notes: Bergamot
- Base Notes: Blue Cypress, Precious Woods

The Worcestershire - Black Pear & Freesia
Since the county's 'Fruit Trees for Worcestershire' scheme in the 1900s, and again in 2000, several hundred Black Pear trees have been planted in the county, with the fruit also depicted on Worcestershire's coat of arms. Bring the scents of Worcestershire orchards into your home with this fruity, floral pear scented candle. Picture warm Worcestershire orchards, tall trees bearing black pears towering overhead, the air sweet with fruity fragrances and blossom with this fruit, floral candle.
- Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Pear
- Heart Notes: Magnolia, Orchid, Rose, Muguet
- Base Notes: Musks, Dry Amber, Patchouli

The Shropshire - Sweet Pea
The birthplace of Shropshire Sweet Peas, Wem still celebrates the fragrant flowers with an annual festival to this day, but it was Victorian horticulturist Henry Eckford who put sweet peas on the map when he developed new varieties in 1879. Henry's sweet peas grew with multiple flower heads, longer stalks, a heady fragrance, and a range of colours, and were able to flower for seven months of the year. Celebrate Henry Eckford's work by bringing this sweet pea candle into your home. Picture the flower beds of an English country garden - colourful, fragrant sweet peas climbing the trellis for a peak at the sunlight with this floral candle.
- Top Notes: Sweet Pea, Rose, Hyacinth
- Heart Notes: Exotic Jasmine
- Base Notes: Precious Warm Woods, Vanilla

The Cornwall - Rock Salt & Driftwood
The longest of any English county, the Cornish coast is home to over 300 beaches stretched along its 300 mile coastline, making it the perfect place for long summer days exploring enchanting rock pools, a memory perfectly captured by this coastal reed candle. Picture rolling up your trousers for a paddle in the shallows; the air filled with the scents of the sea and the sounds of seagulls soaring above, ready to swoop for your seaside snack with this fresh, coastal candle.
- Top Notes: Coastal, Seaweed
- Heart Notes: Cyclamen, Waterlily
- Base Notes: Driftwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk

The Argyll and The Isles - Scotch Whisky
Once referred to as 'the Whisky capital of the world', Argyll and The Isles is now home to fifteen world-class distilleries, their scent perfectly captured by this rich whisky candle. Good enough to drink (but please don't!). Picture island hopping to explore the treasures of the whisky coast, pausing only to sample 'the water of life' straight from a distillery's dram with this whisky candle.
- Top Notes: Rose, Violet
- Heart Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla Toffee
- Base Notes: Whisky, Oak, Woodsmoke

The Kent - Cherry Blossom
The county of orchards and hop gardens, Kent has been known as 'The Garden of England' since Tudor times, thanks to a dish of Kentish cherries particularly favoured by the King. Bring the Garden of England into your home with this cherry blossom candle. Picture peaceful picnics in a Kent countryside orchard - rows and rows of beautiful blossom trees bursting with colour and the sweet floral scents of fresh cherry blossom with this floral candle.
- Top Notes: Vanilla, Peach
- Heart Notes: Floral, Hawthorn, Mimosa, Violet
- Base Notes: Musk, Hay, Amber

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