European Cutting Boards - Set of 3

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Inspired by a classic set of German boards, this wooden chopping board set is designed to be perfectly stackable for elegant counter storage. Hand-crafted from oak wood, each board is slightly different in shape and graduated in size. From the small cutting board to the extra-large wood cutting board, the unique set stands out from other every-day kitchen accessories.

Whether you decide to keep them for yourself or share them as a housewarming gift, these high end cutting boards will become a kitchen staple.

With consistent care, the life of the cutting board will be extended. At least once a month, apply an even coat of conditioner or a natural mineral oil to all surfaces of the cutting board. Sanitize the cutting board by wiping all surfaces with mild dish soap and water.

Length: 17, 22, 25 inches, respectively
Width: 9, 13, 16 inches, respectively
Height: 1, 1, 1 inches, respectively

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